Five Good Reasons to Buy an R4 3DS / R4i Gold Card for Your 3DS, DSi and DSi XL

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The R4 3DS flash card has undergone various developments since it was first released to the market. After its rapid evolution, it has now become a sophisticated 3DS, DSi or DSi XL multi media adaptor. The use of R4 3DS is always recommended for the owners of Nintendo 3DS and DSi XL. The R4i flash card comes with more functionality for a price that makes it cost effective.

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Here are the top reasons why DS owners should invest in R4 3DS / R4i Gold for DSi and N3DS:

  • 1. R4 3DS Cards are EASY to set-up
    R4 3DS WiFi updateThe earlier versions of the R4 DS used to be complicated to set up. Now, it has successfully evolved into a hardware that can be easily set up in the DSi and 3DS game console. Go to the R4 3DS website and download the R4i software and firmware from it. Save them to the micro SD memory card. Insert the memory card into the small slot that you can find on the R4i card and out into the DS, DSi, or 3DS like any regular game. This is how you can easily start playing on your console even with an R4i.

  • 2. Supports 3DS, DSi XL, DSi, Nintendo DS Lite and the classic NDS
    The R4i 3DS SDHC has been tested compatible with the new 3DS game console. It also supports the original DSi. DS owners who still use the original R4 card can continue using it because everything still works well. Another flash card that is available for use on a DSi and DSi XL portable console is the DSTTi. There are rumors about the risk of using R4i SDHC because it is said to damage the DSi or DSi XL game console. However, this is not true because R4i SDHC does not install anything on the console. Moreover, the flash card poses the same level of risk as the normal DSi game.

  • 3. Legal flash card
    The development of the R4 3DS card is legal, but if you downloaded and used it to run pirated games, this is when the illegal element comes in. The flash card just functions as an external hard drive, though a mini version, for your DSi console. It plays an important role in the process of developing and testing homebrew games. As the homebrew community continues to grow, the R4i flash card becomes more important to them. It is not logical to say that all R4i adaptors or flash cards are illegal though because then they might get banned. If players are banned from using and buying R4i, it would be like prohibiting people from playing on their computers. The R4i cards are not the culprit in pirating games. It is the users who are responsible for the piracy.

  • 4. Compatible with micro SDHC
    The R4i cards are compatible with the micro SDHC memory cards, which are now available with as much memory as 32GB. This high capacity memory card can be used by the players not only to save games but also music files, videos, photos and homebrew games that they wanted to see or play on their DSi or DSi XL console.

  • 5. Use it to play DS ROM backups all from one cartridge
    The main attraction of having a re-writable R4 3DS flash card has always been that you can play backup copies of DS / DSi games all from one cartridge without the need to carry around a large collection of cats that can be lost or get stolen. Store R4 rom files of your favorite games in the R43DS and keep the original cartridges in safety!


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R4i N3DS

R4i Gold 3DS Cards made available by
R4i Gold 3DS is another flashcard for 3DS released by This is the upgraded version of the R4i Gold V1.4.1. It is also known as R4i 3DS card or Gold R4 3DS. It succeeded in the same level as the R4i Gold V1.4.1 but it makes use of new encryption and core. It is actually the best flashcard to work with Nintendo 3DS, DS and DSi. The flash card uses R4i kernel and Wood R4 3DS kernel. R4i Gold 3DS is at the same level of popularity as Red R4 3DS.

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